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The best brands.

We work with the best brands, worldwide known manufacturers to bring best-value products to market at very competitive prices. 


logo Bernstein

BERNSTEIN ranks among the world’s leading providers of industrial safety technology. With a comprehensive range of switches, sensors, enclosures and operator terminals, offer effective and versatile solutions. By conforming to international safety guidelines, the products perfectly integrate in individual system solutions.

logo efen

EFEN is an expert for NH Fuse and fuse related Power-Distribution-Components. EFEN Products provide undisturbed power supply from the generator to the end user. They also provide full safety for people and guard the equipment from effects of short circuit and over current. The basis for innovative ideas by EFEN is based on long terms experience in the area of Energy Business - starting at utility companies to transformer stations and distribution cabinets. This all makes EFEN a qualified contact especially in the market area of Telecommunications and Regenerative Energy.

elpress logo

All Elpress products are manufactured to very high quality demands with production mainly centred at their plant in Kramfors, Sweden. Investments in new technology and machinery make them efficient, flexible and fast. This means that Crimp-Tech can live up to your delivery expectations in respect of both standard products and special adaptations, as well as their new innovations. Within their crimping system, the connector elements are co-ordinated and matched with mechanical, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic crimping tools, called System Elpress.

gic logo

GIC design and manufacture products for process control and automation, time relays, programmable timers, hour counters, monitoring devices, programmable logic controllers are just some examples on the wide range. There are three important dimensions based on customer feedback over more than four decades GIC has been in the market, which emphasize robustness of GIC products that stand out when compared with competition – performance, reliability and durability. GIC products have been known to provide ‘best value for money’.

grasslin logo

Grässlin counts among the leading international companies for time switch technology, light and temperature control as well as tariff time switches. In over 50 countries Grässlin sells more than 1.500 products and thus reaches an export level of well over 80%. 

hensel logo

Hensel is a leading, mid-sized company specialising in the manufacture of electrical installation and power distribution systems. We use high-levels of technological skill to develop innovative solutions to create a high-quality range of products and services for electricians and panel builders.

icar logo

Icar boasts long standing reputation for designing and producing fast discharge energy storage capacitors. Technological innovation, developed since the early ‘90s on, has allowed gradual enhancement of operation gradient of such capacitors. The outcome presents devices able to store extremely high energy in limited space without sacrificing reliability, quality and degree of accuracy of on board supply.

klaxon logo

Klaxon Signals are specialists in the design and manufacture of world-class signalling equipment. Through innovation and technical expertise, Klaxon Signals produce state-of-the-art audible and visual signaling equipment, protecting and informing millions of people around the world. Klaxon Signal’s audible and visual signalling equipment are primarily used in Fire Evacuation, Industrial Signalling and Mass Notification applications.

logotipo kps

KPS is a Spanish company specialized in the design, production and commercialization of professional products and equipment for electrical power control, distribution and protection, both for the industry and the building sectors. KPS Energy Solutions company, is concentrated on the power quality and energy saving solutions.

logo Mennekes

MENNEKES is a leading manufacturer of industrial plugs and connectors with subsidiaries and branches in over 90 countries. The range of products has grown and today numbers over 15,000 different standard and specialised items. The range covers standardised CEE industrial plugs and sockets and electric mobility solutions in different shapes and designs as standard devices or developed specially to meet particular customer requirements

logo metrel

Metrel is a recognised expert in the measurement and testing industry through the design and manufacture of advanced and innovative test and measurement solutions. Wealth and quality of living in all respects require constant care, understanding and innovative solutions for the following segments: electrical installations, machines and appliances safety control, electrical power quality, diagnostics of IT and telecommunication networks, inspection of the occupational safety and indoor environment parameters.

moflash logo

Moflash Signalling are one of the largest independent manufacturers of signalling devices. The company produces the following types of devices: Incandescent Beacons - both flashing and static, LED Beacons and Xenon Beacons, as well as the traditional Rotating Beacons for which Moflash is world famous. On the acoustic side of the business, the company offers Buzzers, Hooters including the iconic Klaxet and ES, Bells, Electronic Sounders, Air Horns and Piezo devices